About Us


We will create viable academic solutions to close the achievement gap with reengagement strategies for parents, students, and the educational community.


• Grant Writer  

• Excellent Communication Skills  

• Curriculum and Instruction Developer  

• Professional Learning Community facilitator

• Educational Team Builder


Professional Development for educators 

1. Academic Rigor 

2. Restorative Practices 

3. Culture and Climate Check 

4. Culturally Responsive Practices 

5. Literacy Strategies  

Grant Writing 

1. Access to over 1,000 funding sources 

2. Create a Grant Writing Team 

3. Secure funding for the “extras”

 Curriculum and Instruction Developer 

1. Create Culturally Response Curriculum 

2. Create Assessments to progress monitor academic achievement and mastery. 

3. Creation of a living data wall. 

4. Facilitate Professional Learning Communities  

Parent Engagement Titles/Topics 

1. Creating a Home Library 

2. College Readiness 

3. Coordination of Community resources 

4. Math Khan and Test prep activities